Taconite Trail Fire

It was just about one year ago that we were out hanging out at my parents for the afternoon, enjoying some beautiful spring weather, when all of a sudden we noticed smoke just over the tree line.

What a horrible feeling, especially because we didn’t know exactly how close the fire was and with it being a fairly windy day we didn’t know if it was headed towards the houses. We were quick to call and report the fire, but the Forestry Service was already aware and had crews en route, along with air support.

As scary as the fire was, not knowing if we were going to have to evacuate or even how much of the land that we hunt and enjoy was going to be devastated, it quickly became our own personal air show.  One type of plane after another quickly began circling overhead, we even got to enjoy a helicopter land in the yard to refuel. In the end it was a long day, but thankfully everything turned out ok and the Minnesota/St. Louis County Forestry and Fire services did an excellent job in getting the blaze under control.

Fair warning, as I’m going through these archived photo’s and trying to get them posted to the blog here they are extremely image heavy so be ready for a TON of photos next. As I get to newer and newer stuff (my goal is to get everything current chronologically) I will be able to take more time to better curate and put together posts that aren’t quite so large, until then enjoy this day from about mid April, 2015 and the Taconite Trail Fire coverage I shot that day.

All photos shot on a Fuji X-T1 with the XF18-55mm and XF55-200mm lenses.

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