May 19th – 28th, 2015

This stretch was when I really felt like summer had started for us. It was an important stretch as we had the last day of Kindergarten for Emma and I was a couple weeks into trying to change my life and get healthy again, which at this point meant I had started to do a LOT of walking, especially around Chisholm and the lake there. Those walks would turn to runs later in the summer and be joined by lifting weights and working out at home along with some changes to eating habits. I had a lot of weight to drop and wanted to do it right, by making small changes a little at a time that I could make permanent, and these evening walks brought me one step closer to that goal, as well as gave me a lot of joy as I was able to enjoy some absolutely beautiful evenings. The end of this stretch was finished up with some time with family at the campsite in Hoyt Lakes. I should really just go find a calendar to be sure, but I’m thinking this was the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend.

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