P52 Extra – Week 1

This year, starting back in January of 2016, I had decided to do my very first Project 52. A friend had sent me a link for one he had found and I liked how it had a rotating theme each week build into it so decided to go ahead and jump into it. The setup is that the first week is a Portrait, second week is a Landscape and third week is an Artistic theme. Those 3 themes rotate each week and they each have their own sub-theme that changes week to week.

I just found that idea more pleasing and more likely to help me get out of my comfort zone a bit without having to learn to live full time for a year outside of my comfort zone, so I dove in feet first. I set up a separate blog just for the 1 image I choose each week to represent my “submission” to that week’s assignment and started shooting. Early on my plan was to just put the outtakes or extras that didn’t make the cut but I still liked into galleries on my main website, which I have done, but I have decided to share them here as well because the fact is that most aren’t going to go check out those galleries and I figured I should share them here with the rest of the photos on this blog and just turn it into a weekly feature. I have some other plans in the works with the blog as well to try and get a more regular posting schedule happening with at least 2 new articles a week, one to utilize the popular #TBT (throwback thursday) theme where I will go back into the archives and post stuff from the past that has maybe never seen the light of day, and the other being the weekly P52 Extra series where I share the aforementioned outtakes from each weekly assignment. Then I can use another day to just add new work from that week, special series or projects, and family photos on the other days. In time, even though it sounds ambitious, I would like to be able to be posting new content 4-5 days per week. But that is probably not sustainable so by doing a couple of days each week with set themes and then just adding in others as I can it will at least keep fresh work out in the wild.

Anyways, here is the set of outtakes or extras from week one of my P52. The theme was Portrait | Self Portrait. I didn’t have too many outtakes as I was just dipping my toes in but I used my Fuji X100T for a somewhat traditional arms length selfie on a cold winter morning.

I started off with trying to get a more serious look and ended up looking like nothing more than a grumpy gus.

Next I went for a more head on, semi serious, look and it’s kind of ok, but I didn’t really like the way the light was hitting me. It was at this point how much I realized I feel like I look stupid in photos!

So I tried again and after a few attempts and a little luck with the light I ended up with this image and I decided it was about the best I was going to get with my ugly mug! This is the photo I chose to kick off my project and since my goal is to learn and get better I have a nice low bar to compare each week to as the project progresses as these really aren’t anything too special photographically speaking.

See you next week with the next P52 Extra article.

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