P52 Extra – Week 2

Week two of my Project 52 was a landscape week. More specifically the theme was designed to just get us in the habit of shooting I think so it was a theme of Landscape | Traditional.

So I woke up just before daybreak and headed out to explore the winter backroads around Hibbing and see what I could put together for a traditional style landscape photo. I was very fortunate to be blessed with some beautiful golden morning light as the sun came up along with a bit of haze in the air from the frigid temperatures coupled with the tiniest bit of humidity.

As the sun began to crest the horizon I was trying to find some ways to show the contrast of the golden splashes from the sun and the cool blue tones of a clear sky and snow covered ground in shadow still.

It didn’t take long for that golden color to disappear so I was happy when the haze from the humidity appeared. Especially happy when it began to bring with it some beautiful sun dogs to add some fun flair to flat sky.

I happened to come across this gate that was snowed stuck into the open position and it really grabbed my attention. I don’t know if it was the backlight that was throwing the golden color across the deep bluish purple shadows on the ridges of snow or just the way it seemed to show that gate struggling to withstand another brutal winter and being rewarded by a warming light show.

In the end I chose this photo to represent the submission for this week. I just loved how it brought together a feeling of warmth, cold and nature just doing it’s thing regardless of what the influence of humans added to the scene. The gate, that lonely gate, just standing stoically enjoying the show and trying to ignore the sub-zero temps.

This was a week that I had a lot of fun with as it’s a genre that I tend to practice the most. At least from the viewpoint of just going out driving around and stopping when something catches my eye. I’m most curious to see how and if my approach with landscapes and the resulting photographs change over this year because as the weeks go on I’m not able to be as lazy about just driving around and hopping out of the car when I see something interesting. I’m being forced to really get out there and explore a bit more and try to find new ways to see places I’ve seen my whole life or have seen photographed extensively by others already.

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