P52 Extra – Week 3

So in week 3 the theme as Artistic: Red. The goal being to find an artistic way to capture an image where the color red was the primary subject of the photo. This week was pretty cold and of course filled with a lot of snow here in Northern Minnesota, so I have to admit that I was feeling a bit rushed and really didn’t have any good ideas for this week’s assignment.

My wife had recommended a fire hydrant that she noticed on her way to work because the red hydrant was all by itself in a field of white snow, so I gave it a look and made a few photographs. While I wasn’t super thrilled with how they looked I figured that would be “good enough” for this week and I vowed to step up my game as the project continued. As I left town I happened to spot this red door, somewhat scuffed and weathered, surrounded by snow piles and lighter tones. As an added bonus there was an off kilter rain gutter above the door that added a bit of tension and worked as a graphical element in the final photo. While I still don’t think it was my strongest week, I think the door was a more satisfying photograph than the fire hydrant was. You can be the judge of that, however.

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