P52 Extra – Week 4

Week 4 brought us back to the Portrait and through my first cycle of all three topics. I will say at this point I was finding the landscape week the most comfortable, as well as the easiest in terms of not having to do any major pre-planning for a shoot. I struggled to find a “model” for this week’s theme which was HEADSHOT. Now, in the past I have photographed a lot of portrait work, including a project with my family that was made up of nothing but headshots, so this wasn’t terribly new territory for me. But with just a week to try to find a subject and schedule something I ended up using the one model I know will always be willing to let me stick a camera in her face, my beautiful daughter Emma.

We started the session just outside while visiting my parents, but had to act quickly as it was still a bit chilly outside. I only grabbed a handful of photos before going back inside and grabbing a couple more. I found the ones I took inside I really liked but they didn’t feel like an actual headshot as much to me, so in the end I went with the final photo of this set as my selection for this week. Here are a couple of outtakes of the rest.

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