P52 Extra – Week 5

Ahh, landscapes. Quickly becoming my favorite week of this project, this week it was to be a Black and White Landscape. This should be a breeze right?

I was blessed with a couple of nice mornings full of fog and winter frost and made the most of it, BUT I had a big problem. I realized quickly that I love looking at other peoples black and white photos, both landscapes and portraits, but I have a REALLY hard time shooting in black and white myself. I always end up really second guessing myself and can’t help but feel like I’m somehow missing out on something by stripping away the color and just presenting the mood and tone in a stark black and white photo. I’m also still struggling to get a black and white processing look that I really really enjoy and I find myself somewhat flip flopping between a couple different looks.

In the end I settled on a frosty serene scene over the low brush of a swamp that was partially obscured in the fog. It was a very isolated and quiet feeling place and while I do like the black and white versions I still have a soft spot for the soft pastel tones that fill the color version. But that is the reason I dove into this project was to learn and while this didn’t necessarily teach me a technical skill it did help teach me something about myself and my personal photographic tendencies.

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