P52 Extra – Week 6

Artistic-Candy…that was the task this week. Sure it was the week falling around Valentine’s Day, so I guess candy makes sense. Just that I had no idea how to make an artistic photo of candy. I honestly can’t say I feel like I succeeded either as I ended up staging and photographing a bit of a still life with a hint of a lifestyle/product photography feel to it.

Did I feel it was overly creative? Not really. Did I think the photos came out good? Yeah for the most part. Did I learn anything this week? Absolutely! I learned that I’m struggling greatly with generating ideas for these Artistic themed weeks that live up to something artistic/creative in my own mind. Maybe that is part of the problem though is that I have some sort of vague yet super high expectation of what I feel an artistic/creative photo should be and it makes me almost paralyzed as I overthink ideas to find just the right one, rather than just grabbing the camera and letting the ideas roll as I shoot and try things. But it is something to keep an eye on as this project unfolds and if my hunch is correct I’ll need to work harder to make these artistic weeks not so much of a struggle.

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