P52 Extra – Week 7

It’s portrait week time again, this time with a twist. I needed to take a portrait without showing the face. I wanted to make a portrait that told a story of some sort, while following the rules of this week and not showing the face.

In trying to run through some brainstorming and what I had available on short notice I remembered the set deer horns my Dad and I had found over New Years Eve weekend of a real nice buck that had somehow died not long before we stumbled across the remains of the carcass. With that as my prop I harassed my Dad into throwing on some warm clothes, his orange hunting vest and grabbing his gun so we could then trudge out into the deep snow in the woods and set up a photo of a hunter dragging his game out of the woods.

I was very lucky that the evening I ran out there to do this we had started to get more snow so when I set up a couple lights the snow was highlighted and really added that extra something to the scene. Looking back on these there is something about the processing that is still off to me, but I put it in the can and moved on to the next week.

Here are a handful of outtakes that show the story of the hunter in the snowstorm tracking his game.

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