#TBT – Vermilion Falls Winter Sunrise

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One thing I’m working on getting in a habit or routine of is having posts happen multiple days per week, with each day being a bit of a theme…a very loose theme. Tuesdays will be Out-takes and extras from other projects I’m working on, Wednesday I’m trying to show new work and Thursday’s, well those are a good time to take advantage of the throwback thursday trend and share work from the archives that I just haven’t had a chance to post up anywhere yet. Often times it will be family photos and random day to day stuff, but occasionally it will be things like this where I have a series of photos from a specific day/event/place.

Last spring I woke up extra early and dragged my tired behind out of bed and into the car for the nearly 2 hour drive up to the Vermilion Falls area near Crane Lake, MN. Little did I know that the road in wouldn’t be plowed and was still snow covered so I would have to treck through snow halfway to my knees for the last mile to get to the falls area. I had hoped the falls would be free of snow and ice so I could make some beautiful long exposure photos of the waterfall and rapids with the early morning sunlit glow. That wasn’t the case and everything was mostly frozen over on the falls themselves. The surrounding area and all of the rocks were mostly free from snow due to the sun so I changed focus (no pun intended) and tried to capture some of the beauty found in nature all around me. I’ll let you be the judge of if I was successful, but I had a great morning enjoying a sunrise in a super peaceful setting and these photos bring me right back to that place and feeling so for me they were a success. Enjoy!

*all photos made with my Fuji X-T1, Fujinon XF 18-55mm and Fuji X100T. Processed with VSCO in Lightroom.

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    1. Thanks Mac! Still trying to settle in and find my groove with the Fuji X system but loving it so far. It’s just so easy and comfortable feeling to shoot with and to lug in through situations like this hehe.

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