P52 Extra-Week 8

Landscape | Panorama- this was a fun week for me and I came away with a number of images I really like and am in the process of getting larger prints made for my walls at home.

I wanted to find somewhere worthy of some really wide and large scenic vistas, but living where I do in Northern Minnesota we have a lot of woods and not a ton of big areas that lend themselves well to the large panoramic vistas this weeks assignment was asking for. So I did a little pre-planning, used google and my own previous photographs to plan an early morning trip up the North Shore to shoot some sunrise panorama’s.

I left around 2 hours before sunrise in order to make the drive to my spot and get there just in time for the first glimmer of daylight, which meant I was up and on the road by 3am but it was oh so worth it. There is just something about the North Shore of Lake Superior here in Minnesota that always leaves me feeling a bit recharged and creatively energized.

Here are some of my favorites from this trip to the North Shore to shoot some panoramic landscape photos. These are all multiple exposures that have been stitched together in Lightroom to make the larger panorama you see, and not all of them are strictly the traditional panoramic photo that is really wide and not very tall. For some of these I shot layers of photos both vertically and horizontally which gave me some different aspect ratios in the final photographs. The final image in this set is again the one I chose for my submission to this weeks assignment and it also now hangs on my living room wall as a 15×30 inch print.

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