P52 Extra-Week 9

Artistic | Shadows was the theme this week and what I thought would be pretty easy turned out to sort of confuse me a bit. It felt like the more I looked for that creative image, the more I questioned if I was making the shadows the subject or the light and did it even matter because in order to have one you need the other.

To start off I tried to do a bit of a portrait twist with shadows and capture shadows of my daughters fish swimming in their tank as I pushed light through the tank and projected the shadows on the wall. That was absolutely a case of a good idea, but I just couldn’t get it executed the way I saw it in my mind, so I kept looking.

I tried letting shadows form geometric patterns, let the shadows frame in some interesting light splashes both indoors and outdoors and even let shadows become silhouettes until finally the happy accident happened and I noticed the light sneaking through the rails of a deck and casting shadows across the weathered wood and paint.

I can’t really say exactly in words what it was about this image, but I knew that it was the one I wanted to submit.

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