Carol Lane – Lake Home Real Estate Photography

The most recent home I had the chance to visit and photograph was this beautiful modern lake home on Carol Lane. Inside was a very clean and modern feel, very comfortable feeling while not having a ton of the typical “log cabin on the lake” design inside. I really enjoyed the feel of the living room and how it tied to the kitchen/dining room area, of course the beautiful views of the lake didn’t hurt either!

The real gem about this property however was the exterior. First it featured a very flat lot with a lot of yard space leading out to the lake, no steep hills or tricky navigating down to the lake from the house. Second was that the home had, at least to my eye, a very clean feeling to the layout. Nice clean modern lines accented with beautiful walkways with natural wildflower beds and lighting giving the Northern Minnesota feel. I was very fortunate to have a beautiful sunset and sky that evening and the timing worked out perfectly for some evening twilight photos of the exterior and some of the landscaping.

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