P52 Extra – Week 12

With another Artistic theme upon me I really wanted to have a photo I felt really good about this week. I even had a good idea in my mind as a person’s feet being the original form of transportation. However, I didn’t want to take pictures of actual feet, rather I had in mind a well worn pair of boots that have covered miles and miles.

I set everything up outside to get the woods in the background to help hint at the idea of adventure and travel and photographed my Dad’s boots he has had for 20 or 30 years now. I was pretty happy with how they turned out…until we got another blast of snow a day or two later and I stumbled across a couple of old vehicles that were past their prime hidden among the snowy branches. Of all things an old bus is what won my heart this week, going to show that even though you have a good idea for something and feel like you like how things turned out, always keep your eyes open for that next opportunity.

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