P52 Extra – Week 13

Week 13, a quarter of the way through the project already! It’s pretty amazing how quickly these weeks seem to be flying by.

This week was a portrait week with a theme of Portrait | High Key. Now I know that I could have reached into my standard tool bag of photography tricks and shot a very nicely lit formal portrait against a white backdrop, but I wanted to push myself more than that.

I also have been trying to make a great portrait using this one particular spot in my home, a little landing area on our stairs that gets flooded with beautiful soft light most days. I’ll have to keep trying to make the portrait that I can see in my mind because I didn’t quite get there this time, but I am overall pretty pleased with the portraits I made of my youngest, Orion.

I especially like how the final photo, the selection for the week, finds him with a contemplative look on his face that makes him look like he is pondering the meaning of life or something.

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