In the Pines with my Fuji X-T1 – DSP-Episode 4

Over the long weekend I had a chance to get up early and go exploring with my camera again. Once again the weather gave me hope of a great early fall explosion of color with sunrise only to have it fade away to gray within a couple minutes.

As I mentioned in the last post however, that is no reason to put the camera’s away and call it quits for the day. It was just an opportunity to shift mindsets and utilize the more even and serene lighting to showcase nature’s beauty.

This time I took an opportunity to make a video while I was exploring a small stretch of pines that had been thinned out in the last couple of years. It is an area I’ve driven through many times and isn’t far off the road to explore, but this was the first time I got out and wandered with my camera through here. As with the last journal post, I’ll have photos coming but I just haven’t had a chance to do anything with them yet other than get them on my computer. In the meantime enjoy the video as we go exploring the pines with my Fuji X-T1 and Fuji XF 10-24mm lens and as a reminder, PLEASE hit the subscribe button on the YouTube channel if you are enjoying these short videos! I’m having fun making them and have some ideas kicking around for an audio only podcast type of content as well, but that is for the future, right now check out the video and have a great day!

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