P52 Extra – Week 16

Portrait | Movement. My first thought was to try to use a combination of flash and slow shutter speeds to capture a lot of motion blur and movement out of a subject. My second thought was that even though I’ve never shot a ton of that style of work I felt like it was the obvious choice and so set myself a short term challenge to show movement without going to a total cliche lighting situation.

Then my week got super busy and I ran out of time. I ended up with about 20 minutes to steal my daughter again and head out to the woods for a quick photo session. She had a lot of fun as I had her jump and twirl and spin and dance there in the woods and at the edge of the yard. I even let her do a little screaming into the wind to see if I could show movement and motion without any actual movement happening besides a bit of wind blowing her hair.

In the end it was not what I had planned but I am very happy with the results and it is always a great excuse to spend more time with my kids.

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