P52 Extra – Week 17

Landscape| Urbanscape. Well, I don’t live anywhere near an urban area. Our biggest “cities” are more like small towns, but that is still a style of photography I really enjoy is wandering around our small towns and documenting those little slices of life, pockets of light and all of the little details of our small town style of life here in Northern Minnesota. It’s not really street photography by definition as there isn’t an abundance of people out roaming all the time, but they are small time capsules of our way of life.

I went out on a few walks and came back with a lot of fun photos, but these are my favorites. Oddly enough, my selection for the week was the very first photo I took for this theme/week. It showcases lower main street of Chisholm, MN and shows the popular Doc “Moonlight” Graham mural/sign on the side of Adam’s Auto Body that greets visitors to town.

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