The first snow of 2016…just a dusting really.

Like most people, including us photographers, I always look forward to that first snow of the year. You know, the kind where there is a dusting that just barely clings to the grass for a day or so before the sun and warmth from the not yet frozen ground makes quick work of it. It becomes a nice gentle reminder that winter will soon be on it’s way and allows us to kind of ease into the idea winter’s arrival.

Sounds so awesome, right? I mean that little dusting of snow that adds so much interest and depth to our photographs, making me feel like a kid in a candy store because there is just so much to see and photograph before it melts away.

We just had our first snow of the year..started out as a nice dusting…then it just kept on coming. The storm started on Friday, November 18th and by the time Saturday mid-day rolled around we had around 17 inches of snow on the ground here in Hibbing and north of here about a half hour there was well over a couple feet and a heavy blanket of snow was covering everything. The roads were a mess, even now a little over a week later they are still trying to clean things up. That meant that I was super limited as to where I was able to get out and photograph, not to mention that it totally killed any chance I had at hunting the final weekend of deer season.

But I DID manage to go make some photographs of our first snow. I took the opportunity to practice a bit more with my Fuji 10-24mm lens, which I’m still getting used to using, as well as worked with my Fuji X100T and Fuji 56mm lens for a couple of more intimate portraits of nature. Once the sun came out it was very beautiful and even though it was more than just a dusting, I still had that kid in a candy store visual overload feeling. I just couldn’t stop my finger from hitting the shutter button, though that faded when I stopped for a moment and realized that THIS snow wasn’t going to be gone in a day….This snow would likely be here all. winter. long…ahh well, it’s still beautiful!

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