Moody skies over mine pits

Earlier this month I was out working on a short series about Black and White photography for my YouTube channel and I had chosen to use one of our local mine pits as the subject since it had an opportunity to get some wide angle photographs with some big skies.

I struggle greatly with black and white photography if I’m being perfectly honest. I do talk about this in my video series, but basically it’s a big old weak spot. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been able to make a black and white photograph or two that I’ve been pretty proud of over the years, but for every one “successful” black and white photo I’ve made I make probably around 50 color photographs that I like way better.

So is it any surprise that even though I used this location to make a few black and white sample photos for the video series, I couldn’t resist going back to the color versions of a couple of my favorites from that day.

The scenes were overcast and it was super cold. In fact within the next couple days the water had iced over and was covered in ice and snow within a week or so. But, the sky wasn’t the flat lifeless gray that we usually see in the winter here in Northern Minnesota. Rather, I was treated to some nice texture and color variations, which of course work really well in a black and white photograph but in my mind and through my eyes it was all about that moody subdued color. The steely blue of the sky being reflected in the cold blackness of the water played so well with the small amounts of grass and stone I was using in my foregrounds. These are my favorite few from that day, all made using a Fuji X-T1 equipped with the fantastic Fuji XF10-24mm f/4 lens. Button up your coat, and put on your mittens because these photos may inspire a bit of a chill as you can feel the cool weather settle into these scenes, enjoy.

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