A pastel rural Hibbing, MN Sunrise

Some mornings I just hop in the car before daybreak and head out to some local side roads and just enjoy the sunrise. Always hoping to come across a scene that captures my eye, but knowing that without a plan there is a good chance I’ll end up with nothing much to show photographically.

It’s a big change for me from when I first got into photography, when I would spend hours and hours every chance I could just out shooting. I’d take pictures of anything and everything and as a result have a massive back catalog of photos that there is no way for me to possibly get through them all, though I really need to keep working at that. There are so many photos that I can probably just toss because they are really just crap. I don’t regret that approach because it helped me to learn how to use my cameras better, to learn how to see light AND shadow, how to get beyond just the obvious photo and start to look for something a little more meaningful. In short, it helped me cut my teeth in photography and set me on a path of having higher standards for myself today.

This particular morning was one of those mornings where I went out on a random drive, not having a plan or subject matter in mind, just knowing it would be a nice sunrise over a sub-zero northern Minnesota landscape. The sunrise did not disappoint and honestly I came away with just 2 photos that I liked enough to make, which I’ll show you in a minute. But it was one of those mornings that felt so good to be out because it was calming and refreshing to be able to just be in the moment and enjoy the sunrise and when I had come across a couple scenes I liked I was able to get what I wanted photographically and move on to enjoying the rest of the morning.

There really is something to the saying that often times less is more.

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