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For a long time now I’ve been really undecided about what the heck I want to do with this blog, this journal actually. I love the idea of being able to share my work on my own website without being a slave to social media. Being able to take some time and actually do a bit of writing to go along with the photos.

The problem is what format should I use. How should I present this information? Who am I writing for? Do I want this to be more introspective regarding my work or turn it into something that I can share a bit of a mix of everything from gear reviews and talk, tips and tricks, the more thoughtful side of my photography or something else entirely? Do I keep it as only my landscape work or share everything that I’ve been working on, including more private family photo moments of my wife and kids as we go through everyday life.

To be honest, I still don’t have an answer. But I am getting closer I think. I’m realizing that because I do this out of a love for photography, the process, the final image, the ability to sometimes tell a story or have a theme but sometimes to just enjoy some random photographic bits and pieces that I’ve been making for fun and sometimes just to nerd out over some of the more technical aspects of my photography including the dreaded gear and G.A.S.(Gear Acquisition Syndrome) I don’t really have to follow any particular rules. I do this for my own enjoyment so why should I put pressure on myself to follow a specific format?

When I was still pushing hard on my YouTube Channel  I was trying my hardest to keep every single video away from being gear talk, gear reviews, tips, tricks and all manner of other topics in that style because there were already so many of them out there and I wanted to take what I believed to be the more rewarding road, the high road if you will, of staying true to just the art of photography. Taking viewers along as I went out shooting and exploring, talking about all the cool stuff I was seeing and why I was making whatever photo it was that I was working on at the moment. I really enjoyed making those types of videos, but I started to get burned out and to feel like I just had nothing interesting to say anymore. I don’t get to do very much traveling and so I felt like it was just stomping through the same boring locations.

Then I was fortunate enough to win an awesome bag from Vanguard Photo US and I made a little Bag Review/First Reactions video for my channel.  That video still has the highest amount of views on my channel out of the 100+ daily then weekly vlogs I had done. While I was thrilled it was doing well it totally took the wind out of my sails in terms of motivation to keep pouring so much work into staying strictly on the “art” side of my photography, so just after the start of 2017 I let my channel go dark. I was at a loss as to why I was even bothering with it, I had started a new podcast with my two great friends Jason and Adam called digitalSoup (which you should totally go check out and subscribe to if you aren’t already, it’s a show by geeks for geeks and it’s a ton of fun). I quite frankly grew tired of trying to make this series of impactful videos about my art that seemed to have next to no audience after 100+ videos.

In the last few weeks I’ve gone back and listened to some of the episodes that I was so fortunate to be a guest on with my good friends Sid and Mac and their show about photography. Shuttertime with Sid and Mac, seriously you REALLY need to go subscribe to them because they are just simply the best! But I was listening back to all of my appearances on their awesome podcast trying to figure out if I was just a big fraud and trying to find out where things changed for me, if indeed they had. As usual, my good friends were there for me, though they didn’t even know it. See, what I learned is that I wasn’t a fraud or a phoney, I hadn’t just been pretending I had passion for my artwork. That passion and fire are real. What I had done, however, was let things get out of balance. I had let the total focus on the art take full control and I hadn’t let myself just enjoy the other side of photography I love, sharing those tips and geeking out about gear. So I’ve decided that while I don’t quite yet know what this blog will look like going forward, that’s ok. I’ll work on that as I go, but I also realized that I had shared posts on social media with each and every guest appearance but I had never actually shared them here! How stupid of me because I am so extremely honored and flattered that they ever wanted me on even once, let alone the 7 times they asked me to join them!

Just so you have them all in one place I’ve decided that it’s way past due in collecting all of my adventures with my great friends Sid and Mac in one spot for you. I’ll do my best to update this post if there are any future shows they send up the bat signal for, but up until right now here are my 7 appearances on the fantastic Shuttertime with Sid and Mac podcast, give them a listen and make sure you subscribe to their show in your podcast player of choice because they really do have one of my favorite shows about photography out there!

Episode 149 : Chilling with Dave Szweduik

Episode 150 : He Said, She Said with Dave Szweduik

Episode 153 : Arting with Dave Szweduik

Episode 154 : Arting with Dave Szweduik & Bryan Minear 

Episode 159 : Brand Whoring with Dave Szweduik

Episode 160 : Photographic Thumbprints with Dave Szweduik

Episode 162 : Renee Robyn

**UPDATE 11/22/2017**

Episode 172 : Making a Splash and Giving It Away for Free

Episode 173 : Splish Splash : The Saga Continues

**UPDATE 07/05/2018**



Episode 189 »» Boys Night with Bryan Minear and Usually Happy Dave

Episode 192 »» Smugs, Sidnados and Voices with Dave Szweduik

Episode 198 »» Is It Worth Learning Different Styles of Photography?

Episode 201 »» What Can Photography Bring Us with Bryan and Dave

I hope you enjoy that stroll through my visits with Sid and Mac! Stay tuned to this blog for updates as to what direction I choose to go. Who knows, I may even rekindle some of my YouTube work in some form or another! But what is a photo journal or blog without any photos on it?! So just because I want to leave you guys with a little treat I’m going to share just a few photos I’ve made recently that I’ve really been proud of!

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