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I have mentioned that I have some things planned for my photography and this Journal, and this is one of those new directions, Reviews.

Most of the time it will be photography related reviews, sometimes outdoor gear, and sometimes just cool stuff I’m enjoying that relates to creative and artistic endeavors. That could be anything from artwork, books, music, or something like what I want to talk to you  about today, beautiful Custom Wood Art.

Full disclosure

I am not being paid or sponsored for this review, it isn’t an ad, and I paid for this item with my own hard earned cash! Therefore, the thoughts and opinions you are about to read are my own!

Last Spring I was in contact with an awesome company that I have been following on Instagram, called Origin Artwork. I reached out to them because I wanted to let them know we had given them a plug on our podcast, digitalSoup, and in the course of those discussions they agreed to do a limited time discount for our listeners that we as a podcast could use if we desired as well.

From the Origin Artwork website:

Located near Lake Tahoe, Origin Art creates unique wood art for stores all across the country. We feature awesome lakes, coasts, bays, rivers, and other cool bodies of water. If you or your company have custom work in mind please message us!

Rocklin, CA

I couldn’t pass up that offer so decided to order a piece of artwork from one of my favorite fantasy book series, The Lord of the Rings. It was a beautiful map of Middle Earth done in their unique wood art style and I had to have it!

It took a couple of weeks to arrive, no big deal as it’s a custom made piece of artwork, and when it did I made an unboxing video and short write-up about it that you can read over on the digitalSoup Podcast website. Please do check that out before coming back here to finish up my thoughts after owning this artwork for nearly 10 months now.

Pretty cool, huh!

I’ve got to say, I look at this artwork every time I walk into my studio/office at home and it just never gets old. The attention to detail is fantastic and there is just something truly awe-inspiring seeing that familiar map come to life in three dimensional glory!

I don’t know the exact process behind how he makes his artwork but from what I can tell it is by carefully planning layers and layers of laser cut wood that gets stacked and built into the final piece of artwork. All I know is that the results are stunning!

If you are looking for that perfect piece of artwork for your wall you will absolutely find what you are looking for here! With a great line-up of geek inspired art like Middle Earth, The Millenium Falcon, Hyrule from Legend of Zelda, or Westeros from Game of Thrones to super detailed maps of your favorite cites like Chicago, San Francisco, New York City and Seattle, there are so many amazing pieces of art that you’ll want to collect them all. He’s even doing things like ornaments, coasters and topographic maps of your favorite mountains and national parks. 

Final Thoughts

Look, I don’t want to sound like I’m just a gushing fan-boy here, but Origin Artwork is the real deal. It’s custom made art that is incredibly detailed and so it does take a little time to get it after you order. But if you give him a follow on Instagram(@originartwork) and keep an eye on his stories, there is a good chance you’ll get a glimpse of your artwork as it’s in the process of being made! When I ordered mine I watched his stories of a work in progress that ended up being my map of Middle Earth that now hangs on my wall, which was pretty awesome to see.

When you receive your artwork you’ll notice right away that it isn’t some cheap or flimsy chunk of wood. There is a real heft to it which helps lend to the idea of the standard of quality he holds himself to.

If there was one downside, it’s that the artwork is not inexpensive. It’s worth every penny because it is a custom made piece of art, so don’t get me wrong here. I’m just saying that if, like me, you love it and want to collect all of it…

…well your wallet may not like you very much, but your enjoyment of the artwork will be satisfied each and every time to get to look at it!

I recommend the Middle Earth map because, well, where I live often looks like parts of Middle Earth! But browse his site for yourself because I’m sure you’ll find just the right bit of artwork for you!

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