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As an avid outdoorsman I’ve become accustomed to having a beard of some sort at all times. Because of that a good beard cream has become an essential part of my daily routine. Today, I want to share with you my favorite, Wild Man Beard Cream.

Beard Cream? Really?

Look, I know many of you are scratching your heads right now wondering why I’m talking about beard cream on my photography website. I get it. Just remember how I told you I was going to start taking things in a slightly different direction. Not really a new direction, just more encompassing of all of my interests. Stick with me on this one.

Full disclaimer-I have no affiliation with Wild Rose Herbs and the thoughts contained here are just my own opinion based on a product I purchase and use regularly. Simply put, I’m just sharing something I enjoy with you guys because I think you’ll dig it. And for the women reading, check out their site for some amazing stuff just for you as well!

Ok, where was I…

That’s right, my favorite beard cream. Wild Man from Wild Rose Herbs.

Now before you start thinking you are too manly for beard cream or oils, let me tell you why it’s well worth using!

Benefits of using beard oils/creams/balms.

They help keep things moisturized. 

Over the years I’ve run the full gamut of beard styles, from shorter neatly trimmed to big full length mayhem. Seriously, take a look. That’s me about halfway to the longest I ever let it grow.

One thing is always a constant with beards, no matter the length. It’s easy for it to get dry and scratchy, including the skin underneath. Using a beard oil or cream regularly helps keep everything moisturized so they stay nice and soft. Trust me, your wife will thank you.

They help eliminate that embarrassing ‘beardruff’.

Yes, this is part of the moisturizing conversation, but it warrants it’s own section. There is nothing worse than having your beard shedding beard dandruff all over the front of your clothes. No matter how well you wash and maintain it, if someone sees that all over your shirt they automatically think you must have poor hygiene. Get rid of those perceptions by eliminating ‘beardruff’.

They keep your beard looking AND smelling great!

This is my favorite reason I use the Wild Man Beard Cream or Oil. It allows the beard to have a healthy shine to it, keeps it nice and soft to the touch and it smells terrific. Not much else to say about this other than, again, your wife or significant other will appreciate a good smelling soft beard.

So why use Wild Man Beard Cream?

When I first discovered that beard oils and creams were a real thing, I tried a number of different brands I found online. It seemed like I could never find one that both FELT good and SMELLED great. I happened to stumble across Wild Rose Herbs on accident and when I started reading their story they looked to be worth checking out.

I started by ordering a small seasonal sampler pack of their beard oils. It’s a super cost effective way to figure out what scent you like and if they meet your expectations on how they feel. While I really enjoyed a number of the scents they offer I kept coming back to The Original.

From the Wild Rose Herbs website:
The Original: Woodsy, herbaceous and slightly sweet, without overpowering your senses. Our signature blend features Virginian Cedarwood and cold-pressed Lime with a hint of fresh Rosemary. We finish by adding just a touch of organic Lavender essential oil, traditionally used as an aphrodisiac. You probably wont notice it, but your other half will!

I love the cedar tones with the slight lime finish. It’s a scent that is clean, outdoorsy, and manly. No one will think you are wearing perfume. The best part is that it’s not a super strong overpowering smell that everyone in the room will notice when you walk in. It’s very subtle and only those close to you will be able to enjoy the smell.

Not only do they smell fantastic, I just really like how the cream and oils would absorb and leave things feeling soft without being greasy or sticky feeling all day long. As the label says, feel rugged-look smooth. They aren’t kidding.

Wild Rose Herbs – The people behind Wild Man.

The other thing I love about the Wild Man Beard Cream is that the company that makes it, Wild Rose Herbs, is really pretty fantastic. They are handmade products for both men and women, fantastic customer service, and a strong focus on being all natural with their products.

I love the fact they are all natural with their ingredients. They list clearly everything that is in the beard cream or oil. I never have to worry about some strange chemicals causing any sort of skin reaction. That’s also why I personally believe they work so well. With all natural products our bodies react more naturally with them.

One of the other great things about Wild Rose Herbs is that they are a small company. If you ever have a question for them, reach out on social media, send an email, however you get in touch, chances are you’ll be talking to Ash, the owner/creator of Wild Rose Herbs. She’s kind of a their superhero, handling everything from product formulation and creation to web design and marketing.

Final thoughts.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not affiliated with Wild Rose Herbs in any way and they aren’t paying me to say nice things about them. This is a product that I have used for a number of years now that I absolutely love. Like I said, it smells great and feels great in any length of beard.

Many of you may have nice short beards or even just like to keep a bit of a 5 o’clock shadow. You probably think you don’t have enough of a beard to worry about it. Trust me, give it a try. If not the heavier cream, the oil will work like magic.

I know I have a number of women that also read my articles and I don’t want you to be discouraged because you don’t have a use for this. First, if you have a man in your life with any facial hair this makes a great gift. Second, I have the Wild Rose Herb website linked up here, go check them out because they make all sorts of all natural products for both men and women. Lotions, lip balms, hair care, it’s all there.

I really wish I was affiliated somehow so that I could offer you a sweet promo code for something off your order, but when you go check them out just keep an eye out because they tend to run some pretty good sales through the year.

Guys, if you’re tired of a dry and scratchy beard that smells like whatever you ate for dinner last night, this is for you. Gals, if you’re tired of your husband or significant other scuffing up your face with a scratchy beard every time he leans in for a smooch, give this a shot.

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