Leaves & Light : Rural Street Photography

A couple times a year I’ll need to drive the kids to school if my wife is out of town for work. When possible I try to schedule a little time off for myself as well so I can go enjoy a nice morning with my camera.

Typically I hit the back roads or jump to a hiking trail or familiar part of the forest.

But every now and then I make an effort to go wander the streets of some of the small towns where I live. I don’t know why I don’t do it more often. Whenever I do I feel like I come back with photos that I really enjoy. Not to mention I have a lot of fun while I’m out shooting.

Note to self : Do this more often. In fact,  finally get going on that documentary project you’ve been thinking about for years. End note to self. 

When going back through some photos for a different project I’m working on, I came across this small series I did on one such morning. There were only a few photos and I didn’t move more than 10 feet in any direction. Sometimes we get lucky and one small area can yield a few interesting frames.

As I stood there on the street soaking in the scene I realized that spot gave me a couple opportunities. So I worked as fast as I could to capture what I had seen before the light changed too much and I missed it.

It was a visual sketchbook really, but I had to chase that light. I didn’t have much time for as I had to get to work still, so it was a mini adventure at best, a photographic pit stop. But I still enjoy the photos.


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