William A Irvin – Family Explorations Part One

The William A. Irvin is a massive floating maritime museum located in Duluth, MN on the shores of Lake Superior. An amazing bit of our region’s history that will leave you in awe of the sheer size of the ships used on these Great Lakes. A summer day on the Irvin mixed with a couple of curious kids makes for a fun day of exploring.

The William A. Irvin

Just a little about the ship. Besides being massive, it was built in 1938 and sailed the Great Lakes for 40 years. It was retired in 1978 because, as big as it is when you take the tour, it was actually too small to keep up with the newer, larger ships that were dominating the waterways at that time.

I’m not going to give you a history lesson but if you’d like to know more go ahead and check out the William A Irvin website right here. There is a ton of great info and it’s certainly a fun way to spend an afternoon with family. Though one important note, the museum is closed for the 2018 season due to some renovations being done, so mark your calendars for 2019.

The joy of exploration

I had visited the William A Irvin ship many times, with my first time being when I was probably about the same age as my kids. I don’t recall exactly how old I was on that first visit but I know it was for a school field trip. Even then my tiny little mind was blown as we criss crossed our way all over the ship.

One weekend last year we decided to take a day trip to go explore and figured the Irvin would be a great place to bring the kids. While my oldest didn’t seem to be quite as interested in the tour, our youngest was having a blast. In retrospect, it probably is much more of a visit tailored to little boys that are into any sort of equipment, machinery, airplanes, boats, and all of that good stuff.

Our oldest DID have fun, just not as much as our little guy. This is part one of our explorations.


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