Stillness Amidst Chaos & Seeing the Invisible

Some days, amidst the chaos of a mind that is buried in roaring sound and numbing pain, it’s the small moments that bring peace.

I want to, I really do.

I want to write about some ideas about creativity, being a creative person, and if photography is a creative pursuit. I’ve got ideas simmering in my mind about finding originality and how that relates to creativity, if at all.

But today I just can’t. I’m not feeling well and my mind is kind of blurry. Too blurry to tackle those bigger projects I want to focus clearly on. Ideas I’m still chewing on and mulling over. Writing which will require me to be thinking clearly.

In the clutches of dealing with a migraine and mid summer allergies my mind cannot focus on anything other than the pain and feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck. But as I lay on the couch the other day dealing with this, drifting between sleep and attempting to watch some low volume movies, my mind wandered to my recent work.

Self discovery is a mysterious journey.

What direction is it headed in? Where will this exploration of self lead me? I’ve been very clear and honest about how I’m in the midst of changes within myself. As a person and as a photographer. Not yet  knowing what those changes are, I find myself in an odd mind-space. I’m unable to see where this path is leading, I’m along for the ride, staying as open as I can to what I will discover, though I’ve no idea where it’s leading.

It feels like more than just a phase or a funk. This feels like a fundamental change, though I have no way  to pinpoint what those changes are.

In that migraine and allergy filled moment of pain and chaos that is raging in my head, there are small moments all around me taking place. Invisible moments passed by daily without a thought. Puzzle pieces of my life made clear because of the mind numbing insanity that are migraines clogging up that space between my ears.

Stillness. Quiet. Simplicity.

Shot on Fujifilm X-T1 | Fujifilm X100T 

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