Duality – A tip on photographic team work

Two heads are better than one, isn’t that the saying? Here’s a tip to take two good pictures and elevate them to one great project!

A photo is worth 1000 words

We’ve all heard the saying.

Many photographers strive to be able to tell a complete story in that one perfect image. But what happens when you end up with a story that is only kind of ok? It’s not the blockbuster you were hoping for?

Should you just scrap the whole thing?  Toss it to the trash? Decide that while it isn’t a blockbuster, it is pretty good, so you just share it anyways?

Two photos are worth 2000 words?

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’ve currently found myself neck deep working on a handful of new photography projects I’m very excited about. Part of that process has been taking time to really look at how my photos interact with each other, which is something I admittedly forget to do most of the time.

It’s been eye opening. 

How often have you had an image you like but it just seems to be missing something? Happens more often than I care to admit!

Here’s a solution!

The next time you find yourself with an image that you like but find it a little lacking, try this. 

  • Step One: 
    Take that photo, along with a whole bunch of other photos in your catalog, and place them somewhere that you can view all of them at once. I like to use my Lightroom catalog sometimes and more often I prefer to use a hidden gallery on my SmugMug website. It makes it much simpler to move the photos around to find these pairings. 
  • Step Two:
    Now that you have a big batch of photos together in one spot, let yourself play. Allow your imagination to run wild. Pick a photo and then let it’s natural story find it’s soul-mate. 
  • Step Three:
    Enjoy the process and most importantly remember to let your mind wander freely, don’t reject any possible ideas or stories without trying them out. 

For added fun, skip the digital catalog versions and get small proof prints made and then lay all those actual photos out and go through this process.

Seeing the physical print is a totally different feeling versus digital pixels!

Bonus Tip

Kickstart your photographic storytelling!

If you grab the Shutterfly Mobile App you can actually enjoy unlimited free prints as long as you order via the app! All you pay is shipping, so it’s a great way to get some average quality prints super inexpensively!

Not every photo is meant to be paired up or part of a larger series. But you’ll find, more often than not, there is a connection that can be made between images. A connection that can give a more complete story than the single images could on their own. 



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