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I love getting time to explore the North Shore, Duluth, and little pockets like Canal Park. It’s an added bonus when I have the luxury of being able to just wander with an open mind. Visually daydreaming as I explore and create. It’s vital to the creative process.

In an unofficial one on one workshop, I had the joy of exploring the area this evening with my good friend Adam. He’s one of my co-hosts on digitalSoup and also a fellow photographer. I say it was an unofficial one on one workshop because as he had questions we’d stop and I’d give him a few ideas how to do what he was wanting to do. Sometimes simply discussing what we were seeing, why it was an interesting photo to us.

Truly a win-win situation, we both learned. I have no doubt that the act of discussing why I was framing images a certain way or what I’m looking for in a scene, helped me to come away with more photographs that I’m pleased with. Not to mention the value in hearing his take on the same thing regarding his own work.

You’ll see much more of the work I created that evening in the future, but for now here are six photos from the beginning of our walk. All a little different yet all somehow playing together nicely.

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