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Normally, when I head out with my camera’s, I’m very much a loner. The quiet time to get lost in seeing is cherished. Sometimes we need a reminder to be social every now and then. An evening hanging out exploring Canal Park, Duluth, MN with my good friend Adam was just such a reminder.

It’s easy to become your own echo chamber

I didn’t realize it but I had become stuck in a rut, stuck in my head, and worse I was stuck creatively. Wandering around Canal Park with Adam blindsided me creatively. I forgot how much I enjoyed making these kinds of photos. It helped my mind to break free of the rut I was in photographically. Helped jump start multiple new long term projects that I otherwise had been pushing to the back of my mind.

So what did I see that was so different?

The beauty of just getting out to explore is the potential to allow our eyes to really open.

This small stacked driftwood sculpture that set itself against the backdrop of the lift bridge. I imagined a child gathering and carefully building their own version of the bridge there on the rocky shore.

We had a great meal at Famous Dave’s, a little spicy BBQ and a cold beer on a cool July evening by the lake hit the spot.

Terrific conversation was the first order of business that allowed a free flowing visual exploration to take place. We had no destination, just wandering where things looked interesting. Two good friends talking photography and catching up as we walked, shooting the breeze as we were shooting photos.

In short, I saw nothing terribly different, but everything noticeably different at the same time. It was the experience that helped me relax my eyes and just play more, no specific goals besides enjoyment of the craft.

I have more to share from this evening, but for now here are six more to enjoy.


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