Exploring Canal Park – Duluth, MN – p3

Normally when I’m near Lake Superior my eye is drawn to the mesmerizing roll of waves as they break along the rocky shore. While I found myself looking towards the mighty waters now and then, for some reason my eyes were drawn to other features near the shores.

The vibrant life, conversations happening all around as people soaked in the mood of the lake. Amidst that vibrancy, there was an underlying stillness that never calls attention to itself, but is just there. I can only explain it as that feeling when you are in a super noisy environment, commotion all around, and you find yourself able to let it all fade away as white noise. You find yourself fully focused on the fact you are alone in the crowd, solitary even while the chaos roars around you.

The constant sound of the lake, waves crashing on shore, boats, horns, and the conversations of people all around on a summer evening faded away for me. It was as if these still moments just shouted to me. I couldn’t help but make these photos.

Still more to come from Canal Park in Duluth, MN, but here we are on our journey so far.


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