Five for Friday – A few favorites I’m enjoying this week!

It’s Friday! TGIF! Last bit of work day to get through and then hello weekend! For some of us, this is actually a long weekend as Monday is Columbus Day, so cheers to a long weekend if that is you! Here are five of my favorite things I’ve been enjoying this week that I think you’ll enjoy too!

First a quick update

As you’ve probably noticed, my (P)Haiku series I launched here on my website is no longer being updated. Yep, after just 6 posts I pulled the pin… Not on the project, but on sharing it here on my site. The reason being is that after posting the first 6 I have decided that this project really wasn’t a good fit for the website. It was begging to be put into some sort of physical, tangible form.

With that in mind, I’m working on the process of creating a book or zine of some sort. It will be a minute before it’s finished, but rest assured I’m still hard at work on it behind the scenes! Once it’s ready I’ll be sure to let you know!

On to the fun!

Wolverine – The Long Night :

Yep, an audio drama in the form of a podcast from the awesome folks over at Marvel. Featuring an original story with one of my all time favorite super heroes, Wolverine! It’s a completely enjoyable listen if you are a geek! The first 5 or so episodes are out via any of the regular podcast apps, but if you subscribe to Stitcher Premium you can binge listen to the whole series. I’m holding out, taking it one week at a time…but it’s getting tough to wait!

Riley JB :

With a fresh redesign of his website, my friend Riley has a fantastic body of work to enjoy! You need to check out some of the recent Tin Type/Wet Plate Collodion work he is doing, it’s an amazing journey into a vintage photo style! Little heads up tease for you, I sat down last month for a conversation with Riley that will be published as the next Souper Chat next week! I’ll let you know when it’s ready for your ear holes!

Venom :

As of now I have no idea if it’s any good or not but I’m headed to see the new Venom movie tonight if possible. I’m cautiously optimistic about this movie and feel like it should be a fun action/comic book movie that will have it’s flaws but still be an enjoyable ride!

It’s All Dreaming: Essential Writings about Photography from Aperture :

This FREE 50 page E-Book from Aperture is full of some fantastic insights about photography. Including a fairly lengthy interview with one of my favorites, Gregory Crewdson.

Through My Lens with Clay Daly – Episode “Hiatus”

My friend Clay has been doing a solo podcast in which he discusses photography and other short topics. This most recent episode he has a great reminder of the power of positivity and the concept of letting go. If you aren’t subscribed already, what are you waiting for?! If you are lazy and just want to listen to this one first, well, here you go!


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