Let’s Discover : Volume 01

Sharing is caring, as they say! My goal is to take some time every week and share some of the things that I’ve been enjoying in the past week. The hope is that it can help introduce you to some cool stuff that you maybe wouldn’t have seen otherwise, while also shining a spotlight on other artists/creatives at the same time!

I’m still searching for a clever name for this article each week as I try to make it consistent, so if you have any ideas I’m open to suggestions! For now I’ll just call it “Let’s Discover”. I know, kind of lame, but it’s the best I could come up with at the moment. I’ll keep thinking about it.

On to the interesting from this week


The Jealous Curator

I know I’m late to the party here, but this website run by Danielle Krysa, is a fantastically curated look at all sorts of different art. Some of it I don’t get, some of it I love, but it’s a terrific place to find and be inspired by all sorts of current artists work.

Speaking of Danielle Krysa, you may recognize the name from a previous recommendation I made about her book, ‘Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk: And Other Truths About Being Creative’ If you haven’t already you really NEED to grab this book. Seriously, it’s that good! Not to mention the Kindle Edition is like $2 currently so it’s a total no brainer! Grab it here and help me out if you’re so inclined.

Seonna Hong

The Jealous Curator is where I found the work of Seonna Hong, this is the post if you wanted to check it out. I just love how her work has this very illustrated feel, though it’s paintings not pencils and inks, but it’s also very minimalistic. We are seeing just the important parts of the scenes and stories she is telling and the rest is big, beautiful, negative spaces. Very dreamlike and I can’t stop looking at her work.

We’re Alive

Recently I recommended the Wolverine : The Long Night podcast. I was hit with a number of recommendations to check out another audio drama podcast called We’re Alive. I was told that it was BETTER than The Walking Dead TV series, so I gave it a listen. In the last 2 days I’ve blasted through around 12 episodes and I’m hooked.

Very well done audio drama with loads of tension, horror, zombies, and drama! Binge the entire run this Halloween Season.

gominimal magazine

I’ve been following @gominimalmag on Instagram for quite a while now and I never get tired of scrolling through the work they share. To describe them I’ll quote their website About page.


Gominimal is an online minimal photography & lifestyle magazine.
We want to create a space to inspire all those people who believe in minimalism as their lifestyle.


Because the Instagram feed is a curation of many different photographers, there is always something new and varied in the subject material. It’s a feed full of images that just bring a relaxed vibe, my only wish being they had more of a web presence with these photos available to enjoy in a large size rather than just scrolling on my phone. A printed monthly zine would be cool too, but in the meantime I enjoy scrolling their feed!

Movo PR-1 Smartphone Grip

If you enjoy using your phone for video this is a handy (no pun intended) small bit of gear that will make life SO much more enjoyable for you. I probably should do a proper review sometime, but I’ve been using this small device for capturing video for almost a year now.

Durable design, super easy to use, and it gives you the flexibility to be hand held or mount to a tripod seamlessly. No fidgeting with extra adapters, plus it has a cold shoe mount built in so you can mount a microphone or video light at the same time.

Truly one of the least expensive accessories in my camera bag, but one of my most used by far! You can grab it here on Amazon if you like, which again, does help out this site. Full disclosure and all.




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