The Day To Day Life Of Albert Hastings by Kaylynn Deveney – Review

I don’t remember where I heard about it, but I do remember thinking I NEEDED to add this book to my collection. The Day to Day Life of Albert Hastings by Kaylynn Deveney is a book whose premise spoke to me in a big way. I’ve owned it for many years now, it’s time to share this gem with you.

What is it about?

The best way I can describe this book is by trying to explain an idea. Think of that interesting neighbor you have down the street. He/She lives a seemingly ordinary life, but there is something that makes you want to know more about them. So you strike up a conversation, become very close to them, and that neighbor allows you to spend time documenting their everyday life in photographs. As you make the photographs you sit down with said neighbor and have them write captions to your photos to bring further meaning to the photographs.

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Why you need to get your hands on a copy.

IF you are a photographer that has wanted to do something important with your photography this book is for you. It’s an terrific example of they types of projects that literally any one of us COULD do. I say COULD do because most of us, myself included, will think about an idea like this and then totally chicken out. We’ll have a million reasons why we can’t do it, most likely ALL of which are just lame excuses trying to hide our lack of courage.

What you will find in this little book is a history of Albert Hastings over a few years late in his life. You’ll be drawn in as the photographs by Kaylynn are given even more life and emotion with Albert writing the captions. You’ll feel like you really get to know Albert, not only via his captions and photos, but also via his handwritten poetry, illustrations, and more.

Kaylynn Deveney has created a heartwarming book that drew me in completely. I could feel the friendship that had formed between Albert and her and it’s incredibly inspiring. This book is one that I pull off the shelf at least once or twice a year. Every time I go through this book I’m floored by how powerful and emotional it is. We’ve all had aging grandparents or parents. We’ve likely all felt a pull to want to document their stories, history, and essence before they are gone. This is truly a beautiful and powerful emotional ride that I tremendously enjoy revisiting.

I really think you’ll enjoy it too.




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