Batman – A Day in the Life of an Off Duty Hero

This past summer one of those big “7 Days of B+W photos, no people, no explanations” challenges swept across social media and when the digitalSoup Twitter account was tagged to participate I decided to have a little geeky fun.

The idea I came up with was to share, over the course of those seven days, a glimpse of what a typical day would look like for an off duty Batman. Now I know you’re going to say, well then he’s just being Bruce Wayne, I get it. But this was more fun for me!

A bit on the technical side of things here, this is the setup I used to create this little mini series.

  1. iPhone 8Plus using the stock camera app
  2. Natural light from windows or ambient light fixtures
  3. Filmborn by Mastin Labs to edit the images
  4. That’s it. Really. Just some simple iPhone photography fun.


You don’t need any real fancy gear to have fun sketching and playing with some fun ideas. Typically that’s how I approach my phone camera, as a sketch book. The only caveat to that is if there are moments with my family/kids that I want to capture quick and can’t grab my real camera for whatever reason.

I can see how people get into using toys as subjects to get very detailed and intricate with the photos to create complete scenes and fantasy worlds. This fun little series makes me smile when I imagine Batman waking up, looking out the window, then going on about his day. A little reading, some TV time, making some food, maybe having a drink…just waiting for crime fighting time.

Just a fun little reminder to add a little play time into your photography now and then, it’s good for the soul!


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