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It’s been a while and I’ve got many more images I’m excited to share with you from this evening stroll around Duluth, Minnesota’s Canal Park! It’s been an incredibly busy fall this year, between family obligations, photo work, starting a new podcast adventure to go with the first show at digitalSoup. As we roll into the winter months I hope to keep a steady stream of visual explorations coming for you as I’ve been stockpiling a lot of work I’m absolutely in love with.

Let’s go back to that summer evening in Canal Park with my good friend, co-host of digitalSoup Podcast, and fellow photographer Adam.



As daylight began to fade to darkness, the light became a little more interesting. Street lights and store lighting blazed as twilight faded into the last remnants of blues in the sky.

We moved away from the lake shore and started to explore a little more inland. Past shops and restaurants, I was inspired by the interplay of the fading daylight and the neon colors thrown by signs and storefronts.



There were stretches where the trees lining the street formed a tunnel of sorts, the old brick sidewalks reflecting what remained of the mellow tones in the sky. I felt like I had stepped into some alternate universe where colors and shapes were turned up to eleven.



We rounded a corner and came across this red Toyota Land Cruiser parked in an alley. I was completely in love with the way the deep red of that vehicle played with the cream color of the brick building behind it. It’s a shade of red that makes me think of late summer evenings just after sunset, bonfires, music and good times with friends.



Ironically there were nothing but a string of black SUV’s lined up outside of Club Saratoga, a gentleman’s club of sorts. The way they were all lined up made me imagine a group of local crime bosses all enjoying a dinner meeting in the club as the ladies danced around them. Probably not the case in this situation, maybe I’ve seen too many movies?



That brought us back around to Adventure Zone.  An indoor amusement park of sorts, part arcade, part laser tag, part batting cages, all fun! From there we began our walk back to Adam’s hotel, of course stopping many times to create more photographs of this fantastic evening on the way.



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