Remembering my Fujifilm X100T(A not quite review)

I recently was going through images in my archive from a few years back and stumbled into a big batch of photos I made with my Fuji X100T and suddenly I really wished I still had one of these little cameras.

A little history

Before I ever made the full switch to Fuji X series camera’s, the original Fuji X100 was THE camera I lusted after. I remember seeing guys like Zack Arias using it and producing some amazing work. I NEEDED that camera.

Eventually I had saved up the money to finally pull the trigger on an upgraded model, the X100S. But Fuji went and released the X-T1 and I decided to grab an X-T1 + XF18-55mm “kit” lens + XF 55-200mm telephoto lens instead. That kit was just to be my fun day to day kit while my Nikon gear was for my “serious” photography. I got nervous about the whole non interchangeable lens thing with the X100 series.

My Nikon gear saw the light of day exactly 1 time over that next year, on an outing in which I specifically took my trusty Nikon D700 + 50mm combo out for a short hike to see how it felt to use that awesome full frame camera again. Long story short, it was awkward and a bit clumsy. Most important, it just wasn’t FUN like the X-T1. So, over the next few months, I proceeded to sell off all of my Nikon gear to fund some new lenses and gear to round out my X-T1 kit. I thought I was covered for everything I wanted to shoot.

In the back of my mind though, I still really wanted that little X100S…

The release of the X100T

Around the time I had finally sold the last of my Nikon gear the X100T had been getting rave reviews from the Fuji community. Did it have quirks? Yes. Was it completely capable of producing excellent images? Absolutely. Most of all, was it fun to work with? 100% yes.

So I bought one. And honestly, during that time, my X-T1 lineup got a little left out for a bit. The X100T had something special to it. Not in terms of image quality, but in terms of the small form factor coupled with that beautiful retro styling that felt so good in the hands. It became my “daily driver” as they say.

But, as much as I loved that little camera I started to feel the pull back to my X-T1 and the interchangeable lenses. Specifically my trusty XF35mm f/1.4… man I still love that lens.

So I traded my X100T away to a guy looking to purchase one in return for a small X-T10 and some cash. That allowed me to actually pick up another lens as well. It was a very fair trade and up until recently I didn’t really miss that X100T all that much.

Until seeing some of these images that is

The X100T was one of those cameras that I kept with me all the time. It let me experiment and visually explore in a way that rarely happens with any other camera I’ve owned. From shooting street photography while vacationing to those quick captures of wildflowers, it was always there and in hand, ready to do what I asked of it.

While that 23mm focal length did take some getting used to, eventually it became almost as second nature as my favorite lens, the XF35mm f/1.4. I eventually picked up the XF23mm f/2 for my X-T1/T2 and while it’s a fantastic little lens, it’s not the same as the X100T.

There was something special about that X100 line, I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but it was there never the less.

There were things I didn’t like

Don’t get me wrong, there were things about the X100T I really disliked. Part of why I ended up getting rid of it at the time.

The battery situation was a nightmare. Those tiny little batteries didn’t hold up as well as I needed, both in terms of charge and in terms of durability. More than once I had the batteries start to bulge and go bad, needing to be replaced over and over. I even had them actually bend when a lens had been set on top of my battery holder in my bag.

The lens cover was a total pain in the ass and I was always worried I’d lose the damn thing. Not to mention the fact that there was no lens cap if you used a lens hood, which I preferred to do. I’m one of those people that will leave lens hoods on as I walk around while leaving the lens cap in my pocket. I’m just not a fan of fiddling with the cap before I can actually make an image, sue me.

But in the end, I’m sitting here now scrolling through the 5,000(ish) photos I made with that little camera and really kind of wish I still had it.

Will I buy another one?

Who knows.

Of course now the X100F is well established so if I’m spending the money I suppose I could future proof some and get the latest version.

Or maybe I’ll just enjoy the photos I made while I had it and focus on creating new work with the gear I have.

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