Getting Personal

Since creating my Adventures in Creativity Podcast (which I hope you are listening to if you are reading this!) I’ve been slowly having my mindset pushed towards a singular thought.

Who am I creating all this stuff for?

As time has gone on it’s begun to REALLY burn into my head. Who is my audience? What am I trying to say? Why do I do it?

The more I think about it I’ve realized that somehow I stopped creating and sharing work from my heart and mind, with my own voice. Well, that’s not really right either.

Hmm. How to explain this.

Ok, let’s put it this way.

Everything I write, share, record, publish is 100% authentically me. My voice. My thoughts. My opinions. But it’s the subject matter and content that’s been nagging at me. I’ve somehow found myself writing articles about creativity and ideas on how to become a better photographer, which I really enjoy. It’s one reason why I started the podcast.

When it comes to my own work though I’ve been asking myself a very important question. Am I creating work to impress other photographers or to actually say something with my own voice. There’s nothing wrong with creating things to help other photographers/creatives, again it’s another reason I enjoy doing the podcast. It does come with the danger of falling into a feedback loop in an echo chamber though.

But the problem is that I’ve stopped creating work for non photographers, or as my friend Antonio says “Civilians”, to enjoy. I rarely post a photo series that isn’t tied to an article about improving our own creativity and photography. I have no idea why.

Why have I stopped just making things to make them, sharing personal projects just to share the project rather than using the project as an add on to some larger idea on creativity? Why have I stopped using MY voice to share the art that I want to create or am creating?

Why am I trying to create my personal work and fit it into a format meant to share with and speak to an audience of other photographers only?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stopping the podcast. I’m not even necessarily making any big changes to the podcast. This is about THE REST of what I share and create here.

The thing I’m hung up on is the HOW.

How do I start to present and share the personal creative work, personal projects, and experiments alongside the podcast and it’s focus on creativity. In a way I feel like I’ve forgotten how to just share something here without it having a “key take away” or “lesson learned” slant to it.

The answer, I suppose, is in the advice that I’ve shared on my recent episodes of the podcast.

Just take the first step.

In Nike’s famous words…

Just Do It.

Which brings me to the real thought behind this article. I’ve got things I want to do, things I want to share here. But I’m still working out what it’s going to look like. I’ve thought about it, brainstormed it, even laid awake in bed at night thinking about it. All I’ve come up with is this.

Things may start changing a bit around here in terms of what/how I’m sharing. I just can’t quite say exactly how at the moment. It could be a bumpy ride, it might get a little messy. But life and art are messy, right?

I hope you stick along for this next phase of the adventure. I do know that in an effort to stay true to myself and keep my voice in my work, I may lose some followers and lose some likes. That’s ok. Because I’ll be creating something with my own voice, visual and otherwise, and hopefully it will really connect and resonate with people in a way that just doesn’t happen with a “how to” article.

My goal is to never find myself in a position where I realize I’m that teacher that has all the answers about creativity yet never actually creates anything himself.

It’s about balance. Right now I’m feeling off balance.

It’s time to fix that.

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