MediumFormat : April 2019 Issue

Wow! Can I just stop for a second and freak out just a little bit? I’ve been published with a full on article in the excellent MediumFormat Magazine and I’m over the moon excited!

How in the world does this happen?!

Back in late December 2018, I had posted an article here on my site about my first experience shooting medium format film (120 film).

That article was called :
A new adventure – Mamiya C330 + Kodak Ektar 100

Go ahead and give it a look, I’ll wait here for you!

Pretty rad stuff right?!

Fast forward a week or so and I received a note from my friend Olaf Sztaba, a photographer I’ve known for quite a while and also the man behind the MediumFormat Magazine.

You can find Olaf’s work and the Medium Format Magazine here:

Olaf Photo : a visual poet


Anyways, Olaf asked if I would be willing to write an article for the MediumFormat website talking about my experiences shooting medium format film for the first time. While we differ at times in our mindset behind the craft of photography, I greatly respect Olaf and was completely floored he wanted me to write something for the website.

Of course I said yes and immediately got to work putting together my little article.

A fish out of water

Let me be very clear on something. I KNOW the caliber of the photographers that contribute to the magazine AND website. I was (and still am) completely flabbergasted that he wanted some of my work to stand up next to those incredible artists, it’s nothing short of mind blowing to me.

But I am doing my best not to belittle myself, so off I went banging away at the keyboard as my article for the blog took shape. Within a few days I had everything ready and sent it off to Olaf for review. At this point I still didn’t know if my article would even be accepted, so naturally didn’t really say anything to anyone.

Within a few days I got word that the article for the website was a go and it was headed to their magazine editors for a final pass through before getting published on the site sometime in January.

Man, let me tell you. I was pretty dang pumped and couldn’t wait to see it published there so I could share it with all of you!

Waiting sucks

January passed, as did February. I had chatted briefly with Olaf once in that time about some other things and he apologized for not having it published yet. They were looking at some options but I was assured I’d see it soon.

So I waited some more. As March was coming to an end and April was getting underway, I got a call from Olaf. He again apologized for the article not being published on the website yet, however he did have some news.

By this point I still hadn’t really told anyone about being asked to write the article for the website, so figured I’d just wait and see what happened. What happened in that call literally blew my damn mind.

The article would not be published on the website.

That’s right, he called to let me know that I would not be seeing my article published on the website after all.

Oh man… that sucks, but at least I hadn’t really told anyone about it.

Nope, it wouldn’t be published on the website… because it was instead going to be published in the actual magazine.


Are you kidding?! That’s insane! Insane and Awesome! Insome? Awesane? Whatever it was I was floored. That’s where those huge names lived. People like Jonas Rask, Ibarionex Perello, Patrick La Roque, and more. Photographers whose work I REALLY admire. Yeah… time to freak out a little!

Even cooler, it would be published in the April 2019 issue so I wouldn’t have to wait long to see it!

Which brings us to today

April 17th, 2019. The issue just hit the digital newstands today, I’ve received my copy and seriously, if you have not seen the MediumFormat magazine yet, you really should check it out. It’s super finely curated, loaded with amazing articles, photographs, and insight from some of the most amazing photographers working today. It looks and reads like a digital coffee table book, clocking in at more than 150 pages of photography awesome-ness.

Oh yeah, also, NOT AN AD IN SIGHT! It’s so nice when compared to any other popular photography magazine you’ll see on the shelf, digital or print. I used to love magazines like Popular Photography, Shutterbug, and many others but now they are nothing but a few short articles sandwiched between a massive display of one ad after another.

MediumFormat is focused on one thing – bringing amazing photography and articles to other photographers to both inspire and educate.

I’m still scratching my head a little how I ended up seeing my work alongside these crazy good artists, but I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

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