Spring in the city

I don’t create a lot of street photography. Mostly because I don’t live in a big city that has a lot of tall buildings full of glass reflecting all over the place. When I walk the streets of my hometown areas I may see the occasional person, but no skyscrapers and very little hustle and bustle.

So this past March when I found myself on a sunny day in Saint Paul, Minnesota I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to create a few photos. I had no real theme or purpose with these photos, simply wanted to capture a few moments as they unfolded.

Because I don’t usually shoot this style of photography it’s always a bit of a challenge for me. But as always I shoot anyways, bringing my rural and landscape sense of vision and applying it to the city environment.

The biggest difference is that the light in the city is just different than here in a more rural area. It’s reflecting off all sorts of big glass buildings, bouncing around off of one concrete surface or another, and there is just a different quality to the end result we see.

While I did shoot a bit of 120 film while I was there as well, I haven’t processed it just yet. In the meantime, enjoy some exploration with my Fuji X-T2 and XF35mm f/1.4 combo.

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