Easter Weekend Portraits

Most years our Easter weekends are pretty low key. Filled with time hanging out with family and, depending on the year, enjoying the Spring weather. That is unless it’s a snow storm.

This year we were very fortunate to have perfect “sweatshirt” weather. The kind of days where it’s partly cloudy but the sun feels like drops of warmth spreading over your skin. Yet the crisp Winter undertones in the breeze remind you it’s not yet Summer.

Coming into the weekend I had one last roll of Kodak Ektar 100 film left for my Mamiya C330 S and figured what better way to spend those 12 frames than by capturing some portraits of my family.

With just one frame a technical issue with the film advance(you’ll see it later) the roll is easily one of my favorite I’ve captured in my adventures into medium format (120) film photography.

We colored eggs with my parents, hung out outside, did a little shooting for fun, and just enjoyed the respite of nice weather after a long, cold winter. Highly recommended type of weekend plans, the only thing missing was a nice fire in the fire pit to end the night.

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