The Walker Chronicles – Volume One

The sky was growing darker by the minute, the threat of rain looming strong, yet I needed to get out and cover some ground. Rather than deal with having my good camera’s caught out in the rain, I chose to keep it as simple as possible.

With my phone in my pocket I laced up my shoes, grabbed a sweatshirt, and hit the streets. The only real plan was to try to cover at least a few miles over the course of an hour and hopefully avoid getting rained on. The goal was fitness, not photography. Though, I must admit I always feel naked when I go out walking without my Fuji around my neck.

Because I wanted to squeeze as much distance as I could out of the hour I had to get out, I decided to really meander and zig zag streets and started to include the alleys here in town as well. Let me tell you, I could spend HOURS just exploring small town alleys. There is just so much character to see there.

But, back to fitness.

The problem was that I had met my wife and kids for dinner a little earlier in the evening and on the walk back to the car I grabbed a few quick snaps on my phone. I felt that familiar pull as my mind went into photography exploration mode.


I made it about two blocks before having to stop and photograph a small scene in an alley I was walking down. That was it, the game was on. I figured that since I’m just using my phone camera I could keep moving quickly. Stopping just long enough to frame and capture what caught my eye, then keep moving.

Ahh, the simplicity of using the stock camera on my iPhone. The worlds most popular, fully automatic, point and shoot camera. What an amazing little tool and sadly it’s too often overlooked.

At the end of the hour I found myself rounding the corner to my block, headed towards home, feeling nothing but pure joy. It truly was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had while out photographing in months. Not an easy thing because I always enjoy my time when I can get out with a camera!

The simplicity of the camera, the fact that I was covering ground all over town, letting my feet and eye lead the way. It became like Pokemon… had to catch them all.

This is also a perfect companion to go with the episode of Adventures in Creativity that I released yesterday. It is titled The Importance Of A Good Walk. I highly recommend you give it a listen, it’s only about 10 or 11 minutes. You can listen by hitting that link in the episode title OR to make it super easy, just hit play below!

Enjoy the results of my short hour exploration last night!

All photos made using the stock camera app on my iPhone 8 Plus and processed in the RNI Films app.

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