On the ledge

If you’ve been following along you’ll know that I recently had a bit of an A-HA moment about my photography work and its link to cinema. After watching the work of the amazing Roger Deakins in the 2015 film ‘Sicario’ something snapped into place for me.

It’s not that I was all of a sudden going to change something major with my approach, rather that my work had been really leaning this direction pretty hard for a while and I really hadn’t quite made the connection.

Making that connection only signified an understanding, an ability to lean into and embrace a side of my work that I had been tapping into on and off yet was afraid to pursue.

The windows

Evening light has this way of doing interesting things with windows. Be it car windows and store fronts or as it dances through a dirty window to cast it’s soft glow across the contents lucky enough to be basking in it’s glow.

In a way these photos feel like small parts of a larger story. The moments before we cut to our main character. Those brief glimpses that set up the scene our story is unfolding in.

But this is my story.

There are no actors, only real life. And thinking of my life as a movie means that love it or hate it, I’m the leading actor. Granted, in my mind I am happy to take a supporting roll credit to the leading cast of my wife and kids. They are the true leading actors in the story of my life because they mean everything to me.

The thing is, this is my story to tell. My story to share and enjoy. Even if I view myself as a supporting cast member to everyone else that is so much more important to me than myself.

Who better to tell my story than me?

These glances at the window ledges around my life are moments that will never happen again, no matter how often I walk past these locations. No matter how many times I photograph the same scene, that light and that moment will never be repeated.

Except through these photographs.

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