Tearing up trees

As a lifelong outdoorsman and hunter there are few things I’m more passionate about than spending time out in the woods both before, during, and after deer season.

In the last 2 weekends alone I’ve hiked, explored, crept, and covered easily 50+ miles in my never ending quest to re-center myself in nature while doing my best to learn and prepare for deer season.

Last year, just after season, was no different and I spent days and days hiking around to figure out where the deer had been moving. What were there patterns? How I could better position myself next season?

I know, sounds like overkill.

But I LOVE being outdoors and exploring areas I know so well that I can tell you where a photo was taken down to the exact tree or stand of brush.

As I explored our area I couldn’t help but grab quick photos of a number of rubs I found on trees.

Whitetail bucks do this as breeding season nears, gets underway, and just after breeding season. It’s a way of marking territory, building neck and shoulder muscle for the battles with other bucks, and also just a way for them to take out a bit of pent up aggression from the spike in testosterone levels. One of the most interesting reasons mature bucks do this is because it can actually cause younger, more immature, bucks to suppress their own testosterone levels and cause them to skip attempting to mate all together. All because of the dominant bucks scent left on these rubs!

Can you imagine if people worked this way?!

We go out to a bar and just the smell of another guy would force us to decide to just head home with some friends and play video games rather than try to find a girlfriend!

Nature really is amazing!

Either way, ever since I was a young buck myself, finding these rubs has always had a way of ramping up my excitement levels for the upcoming deer season. But I’ve also long been fascinated by the idea that an animal gets so worked up it just tears apart random trees.

If you’re a hunter, you’ll know the feeling of excitement I’m talking about.

So I thought why not share a few of the treasures I found last year right after season as I dream about the season a few weeks away.

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