Seeking Quirky Moments

Life isn’t always a serious affair. It’s littered with all sorts of emotion, sadness, anger, and one of my favorites… humor.

Let me go back in time a little bit to share a quick story with you. Waaay way back in September of 2006 I started my first blog. It was called Life at 150 North and was a big mix of random thoughts, observations, photos, and whatever else I felt like talking about.

One of the things I was drawn to very early on was finding moments while out and about that struck me as somewhat humorous. I like to laugh, we all do, and I especially love seeing funny situations when I least expect them.

Things like items arranged or paired oddly on a shelf in Target, such as when I found a box of Cheez-It crackers on the bookshelf paired with the “What to expect when you’re expecting” book. Or a note in a local restaurant signed by “Mr. Taco”.

These little moments remind me that sometimes we just need to shake out of serious mode and have a little fun. Plus, the more you keep your eyes open for things like this, the more you see them.

It’s practice in accute observation.

So as I begin the process of picking myself up off the mat after a very rough couple of weeks personally, I thought I would share some of my favorite photographic moments that brought me some fun, quirky, enjoyment.

Backwoods Monopoly Money
Deep woods carvings
Skulls in trees
Ground signs in the northwoods
Fancy glitter on power pole
Beware the Flamingo
UFO Beaming up Scotty

Some of these photos are obvious with their quirky side, others require a little bit of thought or imagination. But they all have a story to tell, if we only take time to observe.

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