Finding the FEEL of a home

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful home that had recently been updated/remodeled. This is a property I had the honor of photographing once before, so I was eager to see the updates and changes the new owners had made!

As you’ll see, the home is beautiful. But my main mission was to be able to add some value to the photos by capturing some of the more detailed spaces in order to really capture the “Feel” of the home.

I also have been working hard to find a really good balance with my interior work that doesn’t require a bunch of photoshop gymnastics with exposure blending or huge amounts of light being placed and hidden throughout the spaces. I really wanted to work with a much more natural feel. Very much inspired by the European approach to interiors. A great example of this is the amazing work by my friend James Tarry. Seriously, go check out his amazing work there on his website. It’s a look and feel that REALLY connects with my own personal sensibilities.

So after a few conversations with him and many hours spent enjoying and studying his work and the work of others that use a similar approach, I decided it was time to try it for myself. And while there is always room for improvement as an artist, wow am I in love with what I was able to produce!

While I did capture some of the more “traditional” wide views of each room, I supplemented those with tighter details that help portray more of the character of not only the home as a whole, but each room individually whenever possible.

In my own way, I was trying to infuse a little bit of a feeling of art and creativity into what is traditionally a pretty standard setting. A standard setting meaning in terms of what you see as you scroll through home listings, rental properties, vrbo’s, airbnb’s, etc. I wanted there to be an element to the photos that would make this property stand out among the more “standard” photos a person would see as they scrolled. Which, interestingly enough, involves inserting a bit of my own voice and vision into this home by allowing myself to showcase elements that spoke to me personally.

Enough rambling! Let me show you some of this amazing home!

If you have a property that you’d love some beautiful photographs of and are in my area, reach out! I’d love to create some beautiful photos for you.

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