One of the few things that I truly look forward to photographing in the otherwise endless sea of green come summertime are the lupine blooms.

They don’t last long.

Usually just a couple weeks at most. But they are one of my favorite wildflowers when you get to see a whole bunch of them clustered together.

Oddly enough I’ve always thought of them as “ditch flowers”, because you tend to see them most often scattered in the ditches of the road and along those open areas that are full of sunlight.

Just this year, while looking up some info on some different varieties of lupine, I actually learned something about the flower that I never knew.

That being that they are part of the pea family of plants.

Who knew?

Enjoy some favorites of this summer’s lupine bloom that I was able to capture on (digital) film in early/mid June.

All images made on Fujifilm cameras and processed with Rebecca Lily Pro Set VI color grading system in Lightroom.

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