Warmth in Winter

In the last year, maybe 8 months, I’ve experienced another evolution of my creative vision. I’ve found that regardless of what I’m doing, be it photography, watching films, carving wood, or writing, the thread of storytelling has continued to pull at me.

I know.

Another “visual storyteller” cliche post.

Well, not exactly.

See, I think this evolution is one that has been there all along and it’s finally just surfacing. Finally I’ve started to see the refining of what’s lay there, just under the surface, for many years. My love of cinema, the pull to create more cinematic moments in my still photos, it’s all been about a fascination with story and storytelling.

Recently, I’ve been trying to post more regularly to the old Instagram again, though not sure how much longer I’ll continue to push there as it just feels kind of exhausting and worthless to be honest. But, what I’ve done is to start posting a sort of story prompt as the caption, letting the story leave off after a line or two so that the viewer can fill in what happens next based on what they see in the photo or what they feel in the words.

It’s fun.

But people don’t read the captions most of the time.

So again, why bother, right?

The other day I found myself mulling over some ideas for a new podcast project I’m debating on attempting and my thoughts drifted to this website. To my photography work and to my desire to begin writing more again finally.

I say finally because for a period of a few months, over on aicpod.com, I was making it a habit to write DAILY. Thoughts and insights to all sorts of creativity related topics. Then Covid-19 hit the world in full force and I found myself out of the habit of writing. Truth be told I’ve been feeling mentally exhausted, floating in a fog most days, which is taking a toll physically as well I think.

But the itch is finding it’s way back. The desire to just focus on building this website. Yes it’ll be photo work, but I think I’m not going to limit myself to topics anymore.

I think I want to turn it into what I first did all those years ago with my first blog. I want to make it a mix of daily observations, thoughts, random snippets of stories, photo essay’s, in short I want it to be ALL of me creatively. A single place, single record of ALL of my creative pursuits.

So that’s great, this new manifesto is stated… what does that have to do with winter warmth?

Not a damn thing.

I had been looking at a couple images I made this last winter, finally got around to doing some color grading and post processing on them when I picked up the latest color grading system pack from Rebecca Lily(Pro Set VI). As usual she absolutely nailed another great set of color tools, maybe I’ll do a proper write-up in the future, but for now I really just wanted to share a couple of these photos that really bring the warmth of the dying light of day as it blankets the frigid, snow covered landscape.

So in this post I’m sharing just ONE of these photos.


That’s it.

Just this one.

It’s an old barn just outside of town and I wonder what stories it’s walls could tell?

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