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A while back I decided to do something a little different with my Instagram posts. Instead of sharing a photo with a standard caption I decided I would let the photo I was sharing inspire a line or even a couple lines of some sort of story. But instead of trying to write a finished story, I let a moment of action just sit there open.

I was curious to see if people would pick up the story where I left off and add their own “next chapter” in the comments. Naturally, not a ton of people do this because let’s be real, hardly anyone actually reads the comments/captions on Instagram anymore.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone ignored them. In fact, since I’ve started this fun little exercise there have been a small handful of awesome people that have chimed in, some authors themselves, others artists and photographers. I absolutely love seeing where they take the prompts, especially when it goes places I hadn’t even though of myself.

Full disclosure here. I’ve been told doing this might be just a waste of time on a platform that couldn’t be more wrong for that type of posting. While this may be true, I’m still doing it just because it’s a lot of fun.

However, I do need to make an effort to start posting those here or in some other more permanent form so that they aren’t all just there at the mercy of Instagram.

I wanted to share this here, not just to promote(I know, it’s that dirty word again) my Instagram account. In fact that’s not the point of this post at all. I’m sharing because today I received yet another fantastic story continuation and I wanted to share THAT with you here.

My friend Shelley Nutma, a terrific artist from up in Canada, has been one of the most frequent friends to fearlessly jump in and continue my little prompts. And today, she totally knocked it out of the park.

Here’s my original IG post: (of course while you’re here why not click through and give me AND Shelley a follow)

For those of you that aren’t able to see that post for whatever reason, here it is again for you.

There, under the waning tri-star, I felt the last of my energy vanish. The sickly green glow sapping whatever sense of vibrancy I had left, until I could only stand and watch the color vanish into darkness. That’s when I felt it brush my leg, bigger than a mouse yet smaller than a house cat, the…

Now, after I posted that, Shelley drops this amazing continuation:

…the strange creature I had seen only once before. It’s eyes the same deep orange, like a living fire, pierced the protective barriers in my mind. It’s consciousness brushing up against mine, briefly, but powerfully. “Move. Danger approaches.” It flicked its tail against my leg and I felt a sudden surge of newfound energy. I leapt to my feet and glanced around for the creature, but it had vanished. A low buzz of oncoming drones alerted me back to what the creature had said. I picked up my bag and ran …

-Shelley Nutma – @shelleynutma_art

I mean…


I want to know the rest of the story now!

If you want to play along and explore some of the story prompts and ideas I’d love you to join my over on my Instagram @davidszweduik.

As for future prompts, well you’ll just have to stay tuned as it’s something I’m still figuring out the best way to share with you here in some fashion. I just really cringe at the idea of making myself too reliable on ANY social media platform.

Especially when I have a great little home here that I can do whatever I want with.

All the best and keep seeking stories –

Usually Dave

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