Exhaustion, stress, and love. A way through the madness.

I’m exhausted. I’ll be totally honest, between stress and maybe biting off more than I could chew on the home remodel front, I’m feeling more than a bit wiped.

I do have help with the home projects, thankfully my Dad has recently retired and has been amazing in helping me figure this all out. But I feel super guilty about that too, as he’s dealing with some very painful neck/back issues and choosing to just push through it.

Car is leaking oil all of a sudden and I don’t know why. Not to mention it seems to be an inconsistent leak. Seeming to leak only between the hours of 8am and 1pm. No joke. It’s frustrating.

Look, we all are dealing with some form of it right now. Be it virus fears (be they justified or not), non-stop political attacks, and possibly the most divided culture we have ever seen in this country. Add in all of our personal struggles from just trying to live a day to day life that have become much more difficult due to current conditions… well. You get the point.

My wonderful Wife and my fantastic Dad both tell me the same thing. “No sense in worrying about all this stuff. Take it all one step at a time and you’ll get through it.” Man I wish I had their confidence.

But they are right.

My car goes into the shop on Monday to get checked out. Yes, I’m stressing that it might be something major that is going to cost me a small fortune to get fixed. But why stress about it when I won’t know anything until Monday after they look at it.

The home project is getting done. Slowly but surely. Yes, I’m up against a ticking clock because there are other projects requiring my attention on a timeline as well. But, worrying and stressing about it won’t speed anything up. Only rolling up my sleeves and getting the work done will fix that issue.

Reality is actually pretty simple.

We can only control so much of what happens around us. What we can control, that’s where our focus should be. And what is beyond our control, well, it isn’t worth our mental energy or time.

Easier said than done.

I don’t really know why I’m sharing this. Maybe I won’t and it will just sit in my drafts folder forever.


I’ll share it.

Because we are ALL going through our own difficult stuff right now. Some version of our own chaos and madness. I keep hearing the phrase “It’s the new normal”, but if “new normal” means we all live in a perpetual state of fear/anger/hate/chaos… well I’ll fight to keep my “old” normal thank you very much.

And sometimes we just need to remember, to look for, those small victories. Those small moments that bring us sanity.

Now more than ever they feel sweeter, more rewarding, and far more cherished.

Maybe it’s watching the mists rise off of the lake at sunrise. Maybe it’s sitting down to record a great conversation with an author or a whole bunch of authors. Maybe it’s just reading a good book, picking up a new skill/hobby to relax. For me that’s been learning to carve wood.

The point is that we all can benefit from remembering we are NOT in this crazy year alone. We are NOT the only ones struggling with stress and anxiety.

We ARE in control of, as my good friend Ant always says, celebrating those small victories every day.

And sometimes it’s all we can do.

Most times, it’s enough.

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